Signs of Hope Exhibition

Signs of Hope Exhibition

Jun 19, 18

Exhibition Opens on June 19, at 7:00PM and runs until June 29.

Exhibition Info

Through a therapeutic art project called Signs of Hope, Syrian children and youth had the opportunity to draw pictures that portray their experiences fleeing from Syria and finding safety in Jordan, comforts that have helped them during trying times, and their goals for the future. The activity gave them a safe place to reflect on their own stories, confront their pain and war experiences, and cultivate hope. To help give these children a voice as global ambassadors for peace, Vision Hope* is arranging this exhibition at Jadal for Knowledge and Culture. 
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Vision Hope
*Empowered people transform the world. This principle is the grounding belief of Vision Hope, a Germany-based charity (NGO) whose work reaches the world’s most vulnerable people and builds sustainable communities in war-torn regions such as Syria and Yemen. Recent and ongoing projects focus on developing food security, enhancing health, promoting support for orphans, providing emergency cholera response, building kindergartens, teaching job skills and implementing water supply development.