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Jadal for Culture and Knowledge — who are we?

Jadal took hold following the movements of the Arab Spring and the crises that had been faced by the Middle East and the world. There has proven to be a need in the youth for dialogue, thought, exchange, art and innovation. This project aims to promote critical thinking and collective action. It also offers a space to question and connection between one's self and the environment as a whole. A space where knowledge, skills, and experiences are shared. It also embraces and encourages the adoption and development of sustainable environmentally friendly social projects.

Jadal for Knowledge and Culture is a private non-profit initiative, providing an area in which cultural and cognitive activities are pursued in an attempt to formulate and disseminate progressive societal concepts, cultures, and values—following the tenets of science, solidarity, equality, and freedom. Jadal is a socio-cultural project aiming to face the crises of the world. It works to analyze the corrupt culture of human civilization and the problems that result from it while contributing to understanding, discussing the risks facing us, and finding possible alternatives.

Jadal is located on Al-Kalha, one of the oldest staircases in Amman, in a house that dates back to 1933. It connects Downtown, the heart of Amman, and Jabal Al-Weibdeh, an area full of ambitious cultural projects and artistic initiatives. The founder of the project renovated the house during 2012 to provide a spacious atmosphere for events, spaces for reading and studying, courses, workshops and meetings, seating, and friendly gatherings.Jadal has recently adopted the 'anti-cafe' system, where visitors of the place can benefit from the various spaces and services provided, in a way where time is the value we deal in, not what you consume during your stay.